Apostle Kimberly Delaney was born and raised in Pelham Georgia on April 29. Apostle Latrice Kimberly Delaney is a African American, she is the daughter of Ms. Lois Clark and the late Mr. Andrew  Lee Hunter Sr. Education is important, she graduated from Pelham High School in 1990. Apostle Kimberly Latrice Delaney is married to the anointed, multi-gifted, talented, appointed, called, and chosen by God mighty man of God, former professional football player Mr. Eversley J. Delaney.  

Kimberly Latrice Delaney  has been tried, tested, proven, mantled, skilled, and she is anointed, appointed by God, she is skilled, Multi-gifted Servant, Apostle, Prophetess, Teacher, Writer, Life Coach, Counselor, Seer, Recognized and Published Author, World Changer, Trendsetter, Business Woman, CEO, Psalmist, Song Writer, Intercessor, Graphic and Clothing Designer, she has her own clothing line. Apostle Delaney has been given the right, grace, power, and ability to function as a Apostle. Ezine for Authors listed and recognizes Apostle Kimberly Latrice Delaney as a Expert Author.


Apostle Kimberly Latrice Delaney is the first person in her family to write and publish books. Apostle Kimberly Latrice Delaney is the first of her mom's children to continue her education through technical school and college. Kimberly Latrice Delaney is a recognized and published Author. She has written and published The Victory Journal ,The Delaney Notebook, and her third book called Arise Above It. Apostle Kimberly Latrice Delaney also has three notebooks called The Arise Above It Notebook and Seriously Victorious Notebook. The books that Kimberly Latrice Delaney has written and published are not just books, but these books contain spiritual truths from the word of God that can help usher you into a greater place in God, life, Ministry, relationships, and business as you fight the good fight of faith, and make the word of God applicable to your every day life. Apostle Kimberly Latrice Delaney has published and produced her very own magazine called Seriously Victorious. She is the first person in her family to publish and produce her own magazine called Seriously Victorious Magazine and develop her own perfume fragrance or line. She has her own perfume line or fragrance called FAVORED. Apostle Kimberly Latrice Delaney is an affirmed Apostle. Apostle Kimberly Delaney has been called to preach the gospel to the four corners of this earth, to the nations, in other words locally and globally. "The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Apostle Kimberly because God has, graced, mantled, qualified, called and chosen her to be a Apostle to preach and teach the Gospel of good tidings to the meek, the poor, and afflicted."
 (see Isaiah 61:1.)

" Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed , rightly dividing the word of truth. " ~ 2 Timothy 2:15

 She believes in studying to shew thyself approved unto God a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. She is a Presidential Member of The American Association of Christian Counselors, She is a counselor and certified life coach, she has a Masters Certification in Leadership Management, she graduated from Thomas Technical Institute. She graduated from School of the Prophets in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Ames International School of Ministry. She attended Thomas College (now Thomas University) and now pursing a higher level of education in a degree program through AMES Christian University and International Miracle Institute. 


Apostle Kimberly Delaney is the first person in her family to appear on Television. Apostle Kimberly Delaney has appeared on Preach The Word Worldwide Network a Christian Television Network that airs or shows in over 45 million homes by way of Television and Internet. The link was also shared on Face book for others to view as well. Apostle Kimberly Delaney was the Apostle for two seasons for a Indoor Professional Football Team in Tampa Florida.


Mrs. Kimberly Delaney was also elected State Parliamentarian for the Vocational Opportunities Clubs of America. Mrs. Kimberly Delaney made honor roll while she was in Pelham High School and she received trophies for her achievements. As a young girl while growing up she served faithfully on the usher board at Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Pelham Georgia, her home church. Her husband had been transferred on his job therefore, they had to move to another city, so when she entered the city she didn't just sit and do nothing, instead she served on the Praise and Worship Team and The Prayer Intercessory Team at Ignited Church in Lake Land Florida. Apostle Kimberly Delaney has prayed on The National Day of Prayer and Fasting Prayer Line and several other Prophetic Prayer Lines. Kimberly Delaney was a nurse for almost 14 years, she has worked at many different hospitals , she has worked in some of the most well known Hospitals In the world, three of those well know Hospitals she worked at are as follows, Archbold Medical Center in Thomasville Georgia, Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami Florida, and Mercy Hospital in Miami Florida.


 Apostle Kimberly Delaney believes in the perfect timing of God and being anointed, equipped, prepared, empowered ,mantled, released, led, and sent by God. Apostle Delaney was the Keynote speaker for the Victory Conference held in Thomasville Georgia in 2007. She was asked to be the Keynote speaker for the Woman in Red Conference held at Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Pelham Georgia in 2003. She was asked to be the Keynote Speaker for the Woman in Red that was held at Summer Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Pelham Georgia, and she was asked to be the Keynote speaker twice at Rhema Word Fellowship in Lake land Florida.

Apostle Delaney as led by God has preached at shelters, prisons, the grocery store, department clothing store and where ever else God opens the door, entrusts, equips, empowers, prepares, trains , releases, sends and leads her to go. Apostle Kimberly Latrice Delaney travels where ever God leads her to travel to release the word of God, that God has placed within her to speak so that God is Glorified, the saints are perfected, and the Body of Christ are edified. She has a CD single called Empower Me, produced by her husband Eversley J. Delaney. She first starting singing at her home church at a young age at Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Pelham Georgia. She was one of the Gospel singers at the School of the Prophets Banquet, held at the Signature Grand in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Kimberly Delaney has song anointed gospel songs at different churches as she was led by God.


She is a original. She has a amazing sense of humor, as well as a dynamic voice that ushers in the presence of God needed for yokes to be destroyed and heavy burdens to be removed. She can accurately hear the voice of God. She possess the God given character, integrity, and impeccable talent, gift, and anointing to Glorify , Praise, and Worship God and edify, and empower people of all walks of life. She a Amazing and Incredible Psalmist and Songwriter.


 As a young girl, Apostle Kimberly Latrice Delaney would have dreams and visions. She nor her mother (Ms. Lois Clark) really understood why she would see what she saw and know one else could see it. It wasn't until Kimberly Latrice Delaney moved to fort Lauderdale Florida in her early twenties and she attended a Apostolic church and the Apostle called her to the front of the church, laid hands on her, revealed to her, that the dreams and visions she was having was real (it wasn't her emotions). In front of the church, the Apostle revealed to Kimberly, that it was a privilege and a honor to meet her and that God was going to use her mightily, she was going to be a preaching machine, she was going to write books, and sing, and she and her husband would preach the Gospel. Apostle Kimberly Latrice Delaney has a Apostolic Mantle upon her life. Apostle Delaney is anointed and appointed by God. Apostle Kimberly Delaney is known as a Power house. Apostle Delaney is a God fearing woman. She respects, honors, and reverence God. She loves the Lord with all her heart, soul, and body, and she is a humble woman of God with a strong desire and passion too fulfill the Apostolic Mandate that's upon her life.

 While Kimberly was in her tenth year of High School, the Plaque psoriasis started in her scalp. Then in her early twenties the Plaque psoriasis progressed to other parts of her anatomy (body), it did not touch her face, personal parts, hands, or feet, but others places it touched. There were some family, friends, and her husband walked through this situation with her, saw, and knew that she had it. According to Doctors and studies, the Exact Cause of Plaque Psoriasis is unknown. According to Doctors she had a incurable skin disease called Plaque Psoriasis. The Plaque psoriasis covered approximately 80% of her body. It was one of the worse cases of psoriasis. The Plaque psoriasis was so severe, she use to itch, it was so severe she use to bleed through her clothes , her skin was red and inflamed, her body ached, and for a period of time she was unable to work, but God started using her in ministry, and today because of God she stands totally healed of Plaque Psoriasis.


Apostle Kimberly Delaney has had many trials and tribulations and because of the Most High God she has overcome tragedy, abuse, fibromyalgia, the loss of her father at the age of 41, car accidents, and other hardships and tribulations and on this page she shares some of those testimonies of what God did in her life.

 Kimberly was in her twenties and she and her (female) cousin went for a ride in her two seater blue and red sports car, that she had just got not to long after she graduated nursing school and God blessed her with a job to be able to make the payments and pay the insurance on a monthly bases. While Kimberly and her cousin was riding in Georgia on one of those streets where one car was able to go west and another car was able to go east. Kimberly and her cousin was traveling west bound and the other vehicle that was coming toward them was traveling east bound. The vehicle that was traveling toward Kimberly and her cousin, didn't have on any lights on and was weaving across the road, veering into Kimberly's lane. Kimberly saw the improper traffic movements of the vehicle traveling towards she and her cousin. God gave Kimberly the wisdom to pull the car over to the right a little bit. Kimberly was able to pull over just a little bit, so when the vehicle that was traveling east bound finally got to Kimberly and her cousin, the vehicle that was traveling east bound hit her sports car instead of hitting them head on. Even though the vehicle that hit her car, really shook the car, God still prevented and protected them and the car, from turning over. God prevented and protected Kimberly and her cousin from a head on car collision. 


Apostle Delaney and her Executive Administrative Assistant (a woman) was traveling North bound on Dale Mabry Hwy, going to a Christian Conference and a white Volvo pulled out of the Volvo car dealership  and the Volvo hit the right side of the car on the passenger side (Apostle's) side of the car, the hard impact too the 2 seater car they were in, caused the car too shake and shift. Although the car shook and shifted, God still kept the car from being pushed into oncoming traffic that was headed South Bound on Dale Mabry Hwy. God kept the vehicle that she and her Executive Administrative Assistant was in from being pushed into another lane that was headed in the same direction that we were going  and/or South bound on Dale Mabry Hwy. Apostle Delaney and her Administrative Executive Assistant we're able to get out of the car and walked away from that car accident without any broken bones or limbs. Glory to God. Even though Apostle Delaney's body ached, however she was still able to walk out of that vehicle without any broken bones or broken limbs. She and her assistant attended Physical Therapy and was under the doctors care for almost a year, Xray's showed the internal damage to the body that had occurred as a result of that accident. Apostle Delaney had 4 herniated discs in her neck, severe back pain, rib contusion, and had some difficulty walking. She also wore a neck and back brace for a while. She prayed righteous prayers for she and her Executive Administrative Assistant, they had the right lawyer and won their individual settlement from the Insurance agency of the person that hit the Executive Administrative Assistants vehicle. Doctors wanted to do surgery on Apostle Delaney's neck. No surgery took place, God healed Apostle Delaney without any surgery. Apostle walks absolutely fine now. Glory to God!


When Kimberly was in her teens approximately the age of 16 and out of High school on summer break she got a part time summer job working at a market that distributed vegetables too the super markets and when the vegetables rolled down the conveyer belt, she and other co workers while standing on this assembly line, had too separate the good cucumbers from the bad cucumbers. While standing during work, she fell and hit the back of her head on the iron that was on the ground underneath where she and other co workers were standing on the assembly line. The impact was so hard, it was heard over the noise of the machines in the area where she was working. Others stopped working to awaken and help Kimberly. After Kimberly was finally alert, while they were helping Kimberly they examined the back of her head, and noticed that even after such a hard hit, there was know bleeding or swelling to the back of her head. Her mother was notified and Kimberly was placed in her mothers care. The only way to explain why there was know swelling and bleeding, was because God shielded and protected her from injury. Glory to God!   


Apostle Kimberly has a dynamic, unique, biblical way of accurately, diligently, consistently and effectively preaching, teaching the Word of God and praying accurately and effectively according too the Word of God. She is known for accurately and effectively and strategically disarming the enemy, walking in power and authority and walking and living in total victory, and helping others to walk in power and authority and live and walk in total victory by accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and seeking and obeying the Most High God. Apostle Kimberly Latrice Delaney flows heavily in apostolic and prophetic ministry. She also ministers effectively through revelatory prolific teaching and preaching the word of God. 

There are different kinds of gifts. But it is the same Holy Spirit Who gives them. There are different kinds of work to be done for Him. But the work is for the same Lord. There are different ways of doing His work. But it is the same God who uses all these ways in all people. The Holy Spirit works in each person in one way or another for the good of all. One person is given the gift of teaching words of wisdom. Another person is given the gift of teaching what he has learned and knows. These gifts are by the same Holy Spirit. One person receives the gift of faith. Another person receives the gifts of healing. These gifts are given by the same Holy Spirit. One person is given the gift of doing powerful works. Another person is given the gift of speaking God’s Word. Another person is given the gift of telling the difference between the Holy Spirit and false spirits. Another person is given the gift of speaking in special sounds. Another person is given the gift of telling what these special sounds mean. But it is the same Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God, Who does all these things. He gives to each person as He wants to give.
~ 1 Corinthians 12:4-11


 There are times when God prophetically speaks through Apostle Kimberly in an awesome way through word of knowledge, word of wisdom, names, dreams, visions, about specific events that concern God. Apostle Kimberly Latrice Delaney gives God all the glory. Apostle Kimberly Delaney has a passion for serving the Most High God, serving where ever God wants her to serve, accurately and effectively ministering the Word of God. Apostle Kimberly Delaney has a passion for helping people and helping people that are hurting by empowering , strengthening , equipping them by effectively teaching, preaching the Word of God, obeying God, and praying effective righteous prayers for them and teaching others how to pray effectively according to the word of God. She is known as a powerhouse! 

Apostle Delaney effectively and accurately flows and operate in the Holy Spirit with manifestation of the gifts of the spirit of God. Speaking in tongues,  faith, discernment, gifts of healing, prophecy, laying on of hands, teaching, preaching, words of  wisdom, word of knowledge and understanding, and she helps people break free from poverty into abundant and victorious living. She has held Conferences, Summits, other Ministry Events, and God used her to pray for people and people have come back and given amazing and powerful testimonies about what The Most High God did in their life. She has a awesome track record of prophecies that God gave her coming to pass and these testimonies are recorded live. 


Some of those testimonies are: ➊ People are accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. ➋ People being healed mentally, financially, emotionally and physically. ➌ People receiving financial breakthroughs and vehicles. ➍ Signs, Wonders, and, Miracles follow this great Woman of God.


 Apostle Kimberly Delaney is the founder of Faith Power and Victory International Ministries. Apostle Kimberly Latrice Delaney has founded and hosted Breakthrough Empowerment Prayer Movements since 2010 through 2012 called A Night of Empowerment Live Worldwide and 2013 to present The Arise and Walk In Total Victory Prayer Encounter and the Real God Encounter. She founded and hosts An Extraordinary Time of EMPOWERment, and Kimberly Delaney Live via telephone and internet. Apostle Kimberly Delaney is a confident and Victorious Woman, the visionary, the Apostle of the group called Faith Power and Victory International Ministries, and Victory through Jesus Christ group and these groups can be located on Face book. Apostle Kimberly Delaney is also the visionary and Apostle of the group on Black Preaching Network called The Virtuous Woman. 


 These groups that she oversees are not just groups or another social group but they are designed to win souls and empower people with the tools to live a victorious life. These groups are designed to Inform, educate, empower, strengthen, encourage, motivate, invigorate, enhance, equip, exhort, inspire, and ignite the people of God with the Word of God (Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, win souls for Jesus Christ so that God is worshiped, praised, honored, and glorified and so that the people can walk in their calling, and the purpose and plan that God has for his or her life, and experience the promises of God in their every day life as they desire to live a victorious life, fight the good fight of faith, adhere to the word of God, live by the principles or commandments that God says in His Word for us to obey, adhere to and live by daily. Apostle Delaney is a Notary Public for the State of Florida. Apostle Delaney is the Owner and President of her own business called Kimberly Delaney Enterprises LLC.